MicroPower Microprocessor Reset Circuit with Watchdog Timer

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT351x PowerManager products are members of Skyworks' Total Power Management IC (TPMIC™) product family. This family of microprocessor reset circuits provides the ultimate in versatility, allowing system designers full customization of the μP monitor and reset function without any additional components. The AAT351x family offers several combinations of threshold voltage, watchdog timeout period, reset active period, and output drive configurations, which are all factory-programmed options. All devices are available in 32 reset threshold voltages from 2.6V up to 5V, with three watchdog timeout periods from 6.3ms to 1600ms and three reset timeouts from 1ms up to 140ms. Available output configurations are active low push-pull, active low open drain, active low bi-directional, and active high push-pull. The AAT351x family is designed to ignore fast negative transients on VDD and to ensure that reset outputs remain valid down to 1V. The AAT351x family is available in the Pb-free, spacesaving 5-pin SOT23 surface mount package and is specified over the -40 to +85°C temperature range.

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    • Tight Voltage Tolerance: ±1.5%
    • Low Quiescent Current: 5μA
    • Guaranteed Reset Valid Down to 1V
    • 32 Voltage Options from 2.6V to 5.0V
    • Three Reset Active Period Options:
    • 1ms, 20ms, 140ms
    • Three Watchdog Timeout Period Options:
    • 6.3ms, 102ms, 1600ms
    • Four Output Options:
    • Open Drain
    • Inverting
    • Non-Inverting
    • Bi-Directional
    • Low Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm/°C
    • 5-Pin SOT23 Package

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Max. Supply Current (µA) 18  

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Device Description Micropower μP Reset with Watchdog Timer  
Vcc Range (V) 1 to 5.5  
Minimum Clock Count (seconds) 0.14  
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to +85  
Package SOT-23-5