DC/DC 20W 36-140VDC in 2 Outputs 3U x 8TE Very Wide input Range

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Power System Technology

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DC/DC 20W 36-140VDC In 2 Outputs 3U x 8TE Very Wide Input Range.

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  • 3U x 8TE x 160 mm
  • Vin : 72Vdc
  • V1 : +5V/2A; V2 : +5V/2A
  • 2 outputs fully independent
  • Pout maximum : 20W
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Input Voltage Range (V) 36 to 140  
Max. Power (W) 20  
Number of Outputs 2  
Output 1 Voltage (V) 5  
Output 1 Current (A) 2  
Output 2 Voltage (V) 5  
Output 2 Current (A) 2  
Dimensions (mm) 3U x 8TE x 160 mm