Terahertz Detector, Pyroelectric sensor, 0.1-30THz, 70µW, 2x2 mm, Integrated Anologue Module

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Manufacturer Gentec


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The THZ2I-BL-BNC pyrorelectric sensor with organic black coating features an aperture of 2x2 mm and provides maximum average power of 70µW. The frequency range is from 0.1 THz to 30THz and spectral range of 3000-10µm. THZ-I-BNC detectors are calibrated at a single wavelength (0.63 µm) and include typical wavelength correction data from 0.25 to 440 µm. They are used for relative measurements outside that range. The THZ2I-BL-BNC integrate an analogue module that allow you to plug the head directly to an oscilloscope or lock-in amplifier.

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  • Spectral range: 3000-10µm
  • Frequency range: 0.1 - 30 THz
  • Max Average power: 70 µW
  • Noise equivalent power: 0.4 nW [4.0 x 10-10 W/(Hz)½]
  • Max Average power density: 50 mW/cm² at 1064nm
  • Dimensions: 81.3Ø X 99.3D mm
  • Benefits

  • Integrated analogue module: Plug the device directly into your oscilloscope or Lock-In amplifier
  • Includes 9V Battery and AC Power Eliminator for use with an oscilloscope
  • Very Low Noise Level: 0.4 nW