Hyperspectral Camera, Verde Series

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Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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Verde is the first hyperspectral camera which simultaneously captures the complete spectrum of every point in an image in a single measurement in as little as 3 milliseconds. It can characterize both static and dynamic events because of its 'single shot capture' capability. Simply point-and-shoot! Verde uses a 2-D dispersion element to capture all spatial and spectral information in a single image. No averaging or repeated experiments are required even with dynamic samples such as live organisms or combustion reactions. Spatial and spectral ranges can be optimized for specific applications. VERDE works without scanning or switching filters, using HORIBA Scientific's proprietary patented Simultaneous Hyperspectral Imaging (SHI) technology to collect the entire hypercube in one image. With a live display mode, it is easy to exactly identify the field being measured. There are no moving parts in the VERDE. The robust, handheld design makes it suitable for field work and industrial quality control environments involving color monitoring and control. Examples include plasma monitoring in semiconductor foundries, color quality control for fabrics, paints, foods, computer monitors and TVs, etc. The VERDE camera comes standard with a c-mount adapter for microscope-based spectral imaging of fluorescence phenomena. VERDE also preserves quantitative information so that species that may have similar spectral profiles but differing emission intensities, perhaps due to varying dye absorption, can be distinguished.

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