Vacuum Ultraviolet Monochromator

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Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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The H20-UVL is a monochromator especially designed for analyzing 100-400 nm (3 to 12.4 eV) Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) rangewhen using under vacuum, or 190-400 nm at atmospheric pressure. Its micrometric slits and its worm drive make its scansprecise and fast. This short focal length vacuum monochromator is ideal for lighting sample if couple with a VUV light source or forVUV low resolution analysis when equipped with single channel detection. Based on HORIBA Jobin Yvon's patented technology, the H20-UVL series is built around a single spherical holographic grating aberration corrected. Its 64° deviation angle makes this monochromator perfectly optimized in VUV range. This simple optical design dramatically reduces astigmatism and results in excellent luminosity and spectral purity, even below 140 nm, where other instruments based on Czerny Turner design loose their efficiency because of the number of internal reflections.

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  • Single Grating design
  • Type IV Grating
  • MgF2 coating UV optimized
  • Low Astigmatism level
  • High Vacuum compatible
  • Automate drive
  • Build-in USB2 interfaces
  • HJY Slit Attachment
  • Benefits

  • Optimized for throughput
  • Minimized aberrations
  • Better efficiency in VUV range
  • High S/N ratio measurements
  • 10-5 mbar or optional 10-9 mbar
  • Fast and Easy to operate
  • No additional controller. Easily programmable with SDK.
  • Compatible with all HJY accessories
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Spectrometer Type Vacuum UV  

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Technology/Application Transmission-Reflection measurements, UV tunable filter/Light source, Laser Harmonic Filter, Quality control in VUV  
Resolution Better than 0.5 nm