Time Correlated Single Photon Fluorescence lifetime System, Deltaflex

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Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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The DeltaFlex system uses our interchangeable range of DeltaDiode excitation sources, DeltaHub timing electronics and PPD picosecond detection modules. Add excitation and/or emission monochromators for wavelength selection and complete spectral collection such as TRES. Our TDM-800 monochromator is specifically designed to give low temporal dispersion. Systems are supplied with a sample holder equipped with a digital temperature sensor and magnetic stirrer as standard. Accessories include a long list of DeltaDiode and SpectraLED sources, monochromators and peltier temperature control, to name a few. The DeltaFlex can be easily upgraded to incorporate motorized devices through the F-Link spectrometer bus. DeltaFlex-NIR-H optical system shown with H10330 series detector and SpectraLED excitation source.

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  • Measure lifetimes from 25ps with laser diodes and PPD detection module
  • Up to 1,000 TCSPC measurements per second - ideal for kinetics studies
  • Monochromator wavelength selection
  • DeltaDiodes available from UV to NIR. Consult the DeltaDiode page for full details
  • SpectraLEDs can be used to acquire longer lifetimes (┬Ás - s) and available from UV to NIR.
  • Upgrade to a monochromator based NIR system (DeltaFlex-NIR-H or DeltaFlex-NIR-R)
  • Easy to add accessories with F-Link bus
  • Comprehensive software package
  • Lifetime - measure 25ps to 1s
  • Kinetic TCSPC - 1 to 10 000 decays measured sequentially in 1ms to 1min per decay
  • Anisotropy - reconvolution analysis to resolve shorter rotational correlation times
  • Time-Resolved Emission Spectra (TRES) - Collect up to 100 wavelength dependent decays
  • Steady-State
  • Benefits

  • Collect lifetimes in as little as 1 millisecond
  • Measure fluorescence and phosphorescence with one instrument
  • Easy plug-and-play reconfiguration according to experimental need
  • Spectral range up to 1700 nm, TRES, simultaneous anisotropy
  • Finally, the unrivalled sensitivity of TCSPC with fast acquisition via other techniques
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Technology/Application FRET, Stern-Volmer quenching, Lanthanide luminescence, Time-resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence anisotropy, Protein fluorescence, Solar-cell analysis, Singlet-oxygen measurements, Materials research, Photophysical research, Binding studies  
Spectral Range 200 to 800 nm (standard), 300 to 1200 nm and 400 to 1600 nm (optional)