Flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging System

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Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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Designed to meet the demands of biologists and research scientists alike, the SPRi-Lab+™ is a compact surface plasmon imaging system with an affordable platform. The SPRi-Lab+™ is your companion for the development of label-free and multiplexed bio-assays and molecule detection. This robust and compact apparatus is designed for simple operation and easy determination of real-time physico-chemical interactions and kinetics. Its open format, specialized SPRi-Biochip™ and convenient manual operation enables numerous types of experiments to be explored without restriction or compromise: covering chemistry, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and biomolecular interactions.

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  • Label-Free detection of biomolecules
  • Real-Time monitoring of kinetics curves
  • Affinity/binding parameters SPRi-Lab+™
  • Multiplexed imaging (up to 400 spots)
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Spectrometer Type Surface Plasmon Imaging System  

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Technology/Application Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physico-chemistry and Biomolecular Interactions