Ultrafast Mirror, Low GDD, 380-420nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


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Low GDD Ultrafast mirrors are designed for femtosecond applications to provide an optimized performance from 380nm to 420nm with 0 degree or 45 degree angle of incidence (AOI). This is achieved by careful selection of coating stacks to combine high reflectivity and low GDD value from -10 fs² to 10 fs² at design bandwidth. Low GDD Ultrafast mirrors are intended for Ti:Sapphire, Nd:Glass, Er:Glass or Ytterbium doped host based lasers working in femtosecond regime.

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  • Material: UVFS
  • Spectral range: 380nm to 420nm
  • Reflectivity average: R>99.5 % @ A OI=0°; R=(Rs+Rp)/2 R>99.5 % @ AOI=45°
  • Dimensions: ø12.7 x 5mm or ø25.4 x 5mm
  • Angle of incidence (AOI) 0° or 45°
  • Laser damage threshold: >100 mJ/cm² for 50fs pulses @ 800 nm
  • Benefits

  • Low GDD coatings are used for external beam manipulation applications where pulse broadening effect is undesirable
  • GDD values ranges from -10 fs² to 10 fs² at design bandwidth