Radial Polarisation Converter, S-waveplate, 515nm ±20nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

S-waveplate is a super-structured waveplate which converts linear polarization to radial or azimuthal polarization. Radial polarization enables focusing laser beam into a smaller spot size. Radial and azimuth polarizations allows achieving the same machining properties in all directions. It is also applicable in optical tweezers and microscopy.

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  • Material: UVFS
  • Center wavelength at 515nm
  • Clear aperture: 2mm, 4mm,6mm
  • Transmission: >45%
  • High damage threshold
  • No segment stitching
  • Converts linear polarization to radial or azimuthal
  • Nearly 100% efficiency in polarization conversion for dedicated wavelengths
  • 50-90% transmission (AR coatings applicable)
  • Large aperture possible (up to 10 mm or bigger; standard is 6 mm)
  • Benefits

  • Custom design waveplates are available
  • Could be used to create an optical vortex
  • No glued components - more resistant to heat
  • No "ineffective center" problem