Laser Beam Shaper, CO2, 3.55- 4.8µm, 12mm Output Beam

Manufacturer's part number :

piShaper 12_12_3.6-4.8

Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

piShaper 12_12_3.6-4.8 is high efficient laser beam shaping systems for CO2 laser for a spectral range from 3550nm to 4800nm. Output flat top beam is 12mm diameter.

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  • Input beam (1/e2): 12mm diameter
  • Output beam: 12mm diameter
  • Spectral range: 3550nm to 4800nm
  • Flat top uniformity: within 5%
  • Overall dimensions: Diameter 39 mm, Length 135 mm
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Mounting: Input: M27x1, Output: M33x1, Adaptor M33x1 to M27x
  • Telescope of Galilean typ without internal focus
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  • Applications for CO2, Cascade Quantum lasers
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