Laser Beam Shaper, 1550nm, for Focus Beam

Manufacturer's part number :

F-piShaper 9_1550

Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

Focal-piShaper 9_1550 is High efficient laser beam shaping system for near IR-lasers focused beams for a spectral range from 1450nm to 1650nm. F-piShaper is a telescopic optical systems that transforms Gaussian or similar Intensity distribution of TEMoo laser beam to a beam providing manipulation of intensity profile in area of Focus of the focusing lens.

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  • Operating wavelength range: 1450 - 1650 nm
  • Input beam: TEM00, Collimated or low divergent
  • Input beam Dimaeter (1/e2): 16mm
  • Output beam: 16mm
  • Telescope of Galilean typ without internal focus
  • Benefits

    An appropriate optical design provides simple adjustment procedure and lets it easy to integrate the Focal-piShaper in your applications: Photovoltaics, Marking and Engraving, Drilling, Scribing, Dicing, Material micromachining, Printing, Microwelding

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Spectral Range NIR (700nm-3µm)