Quarter waveplates, Crystalline Quartz

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

Quarter (λ/4) Waveplate - thin-film compensator. If the angle between the electric field vector of the incident linearly polarized beam and the retarder principal plane of the quarter-waveplate is 45, the emergent beam is circularly polarized. When a quarter waveplate is double passed, i.e. by mirror reflection, it acts as a half waveplates and rotates the plane of polarization to a certain angle. Quarter waveplate are used in creating circular polarization from linear or linear polarization from circular, ellipsometry, optical pumping, suppressing unwanted reflection and optical isolation.

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  • Material Crystalline quartz
  • Laser damage threshold 5 J/cm² 10 ns pulsed at 1064 nm typical
  • Clear aperture: >18mm
  • Mounted in Ø 25.4x6 mm black anodized metal mount
  • Wavelengths: 266-343-355-400-473-515-532-633-800-852-940-980-1030-1064-1550nm
  • Low order and Zero order waveplates
  • Benefits

  • Low order waveplates: Good for single wavelength use
  • Low order waveplates: Sensitive to temperature changes
  • Zero order waveplates: Low wavelength dependence
  • Zero order waveplates: Low temperature dependence