Penta Prism

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Penta Prism

Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

The penta prism will neither invert nor reverse the image. Penta prisms are extremely useful in alignment systems as they define a right angle very precisely and independently of angle of incidence. Rays entering one face emerge from the adjacent face at precisely 90° after they have undergone two reflections inside the prism for a total of 270°. The penta prism acts as a turning mirror which is insensitive to alignment.

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  • Material: BK7, UVFS
  • Clear Aperture: >80%
  • Dimension Tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Flatness: < λ/4 @ 633 nm
  • Surface Quality: 40 - 20 scratch and dig
  • Deviation tolerance for 90°: < 30 arcseconds
  • Coatings None. Custom coating on request
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  • High Precision
  • Competitive Price
  • Quick Delivery
  • RoHS Compliant