Half Waveplates, Achromatic Broadband

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

An achromatic waveplate (AWP) is a pair of crystal quartz and magnesium fluoride plates. AWPs are necessary for various devices and may replace a number of ordinary quartz waveplates operating at a single wavelength only.

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  • Material: Quartz + MgF2
  • Laser damage threshold: 5 J/cm² 10 ns pulsed at 1064 nm typical
  • Clear aperture: >8mm, >12mm and >18mm
  • Retardation λ/2
  • Mounted in Ø25.4x6 mm black anodized metal mount
  • AR coatings : BBAR coated
  • Wavelength range available: 450-650nm/550-750nm/650-1100 nm/900-2100nm
  • Benefits

  • Operates over broad wavelength range
  • Air-spaced achromatic waveplates
  • All waveplates are BBAR coated in standard