Aspherical Lenses, 400-700nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


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Properly designed aspherical lenses fully compensate spherical aberrations. Aspherical lenses are effective in the elimination of not only spherical aberration, but also other forms of aberration generated by lenses. Aspherical lenses are also used to compensate for distortion aberration. Aspherical lens is produced by exactly cutting away some part of a spherical surface. A standard spherical lens has the undesirable property (called spherical aberration) of causing a stronger diffraction of light rays the further it is from the optical axis of the lens.

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  • Wavelength range: 400 nm to 700 nm
  • BBAR AR coating
  • Material: Fused Silica, BK7 glass or other material upon your request
Focal length NA Diameter
4.0mm 0.6 6.33mm
4.5mm 0.42 4.70mm
6.24mm 0.40 7.20mm
8.0mm 0.50 9.94mm
11mm 0.25 7.20mm
15.29mm 0.16 6.5mm
18.40mm 0.15 6.5mm