Diffraction Gratings, Industrial and Scientific Applications

HORIBA Scientific Diffraction Gratings for Industrial and Scientific Applications

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Diffraction gratings

Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

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For several decades HORIBA Scientific's OEM division has developed a range of manufacturing processes to produce diffraction gratings that are used in a variety of industrial applications. Although we have a standard range of gratings we can also customise these to offer different sizes or coatings. HORIBA Jobin Yvon's scientific/custom diffraction gratings are found in cutting-edge scientific applications including ultrafast and high-energy lasers, space flight instruments, astronomy, and synchrotron spectrometers.

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  • Pioneer of holographic diffraction gratings
  • Ruled diffraction grating manufacturer
  • Holographic diffraction grating manufacturer
  • Aberration corrected gratings
  • Concave gratings
  • Ion etched gratings
  • Space flight qualification since 1971
  • Gold coated laser pulse compression gratings
  • Multi layer dielectric laser pulse compression gratings
  • Two diffraction grating and OEM manufacturing sites