Photorefractive BSO Crystals

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Bismuth Silicon Oxide Bi12SiO20 is a pale yellow, photoconductive electro-optic crystal which has found increasingly wide application including Pockels Readout Optical Memory (PROM), thin film optical waveguides, Photorefraction and Phase Conjugation. The strong spectral dependence of the photoconductive properties of these crystals and their electrooptic properties makes it possible to develop a wide variety of devices including spatial light modulators, electrooptic sensors, hologram recording devices, phase conjugation, photorefractive incoherent-to-coherent optical converters, pockels readout optical memory (PROM), thin film optical waveguides, photorefraction.

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  • Transparency range: 0.45 - 6µm
  • Melting point: 900°C
  • A wide variety of applications
  • High phase conjugation efficiency
  • Wide applications including pockels readout optical memory (PROM), thin film optical waveguides, photorefraction and phase conjugation
  • Not soluble in water or organic solvents