Laser Energy Detector, Pyroelectric, 190nm-2.1µm, 10µJ to 85J, QED Attenuator, 47x47mm, INTEGRA meterless

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Manufacturer Gentec


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The QE50LP-S-MB-QED-INT is a pyroelectric detector with a broadband coating from 190nm to 2.1µm, and provides energy up to 85J by adding a QED attenuator. The effective aperture size is 47 x 47 mm. The QE50LP-S-MB-QED-INT is compatible with INTEGRA meterless monitor.

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  • Spectral Range: 0.19 - 2.1 μm
  • Absorber: Broadband Coating
  • Maximum Measurable Energy: 10J to 85J at 1064 nm, 7 ns, 10 Hz
  • Noise Equivalent Energy: 10µJ
  • Max Repetition Frequency: 200 Hz
  • Maximum Pulse Width (typical): 675 µs
  • Maximum Average Power Density: 600 W/cm²
  • Aperture: 47 x 47 mm
  • Dimensions 75H x 75W x 15D mm
  • Compatible with INTEGRA embedded monitor.
  • Benefits

  • QED Attenuator Available Measure up to 5X higher energies. Available with optional calibration, all wavelengths between 532 and 1064 nm, or single wavelength
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Sensor Type Pyroelectric  

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Meter type INTEGRA-Meterless  
Spectral Range UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-700nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
MIR (3-30µm)  
Operating Mode Pulsed  
Max. Average Power 1W-50W  
Energy Range 1-1000µJ  
Aperture Dimensions (mm) 47 x 47