High Power Detector, Water-cooled Thermopile, up to 2.5kW, 55 mm Ø

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Manufacturer Gentec


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The UP55C-2.5KW-HD is very in demand because it measures both very low and very high powers up to 2 500 W, thanks to a noise level of only 200 mW. It also has the fastest response time for a detector of its size. This is a compact and versatile detector that is more affordable than any other high power solution on the market.

This high power detector is compatible with MAESTRO, M-LINK, TUNER, UNO, S-LINK, P-LINK monitors.

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  • Spectral Range: 0.19 - 20 μm
  • High damage threshold absorber
  • Max average power: 2500W
  • Max average Power density: 45kW/cm² at 1064nm, 10W, CW
  • Water Cooling method
  • Noise Equivalent Power: 200mW
  • Diameter Aperture: 55 mm
  • Dimensions: 116H x 116W x 48D mm
  • Compatible with MAESTRO, M-LINK, TUNER, UNO, S-LINK, P-LINK monitors
  • Benefits

  • The HD absorber is the strongest on the market for use at high powers, presenting both high average power handling and high power density capabilities
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Sensor Type Thermopile  

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Meter type MAESTRO Digital-Colour LCD  
TUNER Handheld-Digital tuning  
UNO Handheld-Digital  
M-LINK PC-based USB  
S-LINK PC-based USB/Ethernet  
P-LINK PC-based USB/RS232/Ethernet  
Spectral Range UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-700nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
MIR (3-30µm)  
Operating Mode CW  
Max. Average Power 501-6000W  
Aperture Dimensions (mm) ø55