Energy Meter Module, for Ultrafast Joulemeter Head, Mach6

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Manufacturer Gentec


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The Mach 6 module for ultrafast joulemeter sensor measures every pulse at up to 200 kHz pulse to pulse. Measure with 12-bit digital accuracy and capture up to 4 million pulses in real time. Our MACH 5 and MACH 6 Joulemeters are the only instruments in the world that perform at this speed, and with this precision. They are designed to support our full complement of fast energy probes that include Silicon, InGaAs and Pyroelectric Detectors. Measure from pJ to mJ and from 0.35 to 2.5 μm. Using the M5-Si detector and the M5-UC-QED accessory, you can make relative measurements at 266 nm.

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