Energy Detector, UV-Silicon photodiode, 210-1080nm, 150nJ, 10 mm Ø, INTEGRA meterless

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Manufacturer Gentec


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The PE10B-Si-INT energy detector is a UV-Silicon photodiode providing measurable energy up 150nJ to in a spectral range from 210nm to 1080nm, with 10 mm Ø diameter of aperture.

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  • Spectral Range: 210 - 1080nm
  • Sensor: UV-Silicon
  • Max Energy: 150pJ @ 634nm
  • Max energy density: 5µJ/cm²
  • Noise Equivalent Energy: 1.5 pJ @ 634nm
  • Aperture: 10 mm diameter
  • Dimensions: 38.1Ø x 27.4D mm
  • Compatible monitors: INTEGRA meterless
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Sensor Type Photodiode  

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