750 nm - 3.0µm PEM Optical Head, Aperture 13mm

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Manufacturer Hinds


Description :

PEM II/FS84 Series II photoelastic modulator uses a symmetric or octagonal shape for the modulator optical element. A two-dimensional standing wave in the optical element doubles the retardation available for a given drive voltage. PEM II/FS84 photoelastic modulator covers a spectral range from 750nm to 3.0µm. Hinds application scientists are available to consult on the optimal material and model for your particular experimental setup.

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Technical Data :

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  • Optical Material: Fused Silica
  • Retardation Range for λ/4: 800nm - 2.5µm
  • Retardation Range for λ/2: 400nm - 2.5µm
  • Aperture: 13mm
  • Nominal Frequency: 84 KHz
  • Wide acceptance angle (+/- 20°)
  • Benefits

  • The Optical Head may be used in any orientation desired
  • PEM optical heads may be operated in a vacuum
  • AR coatings can be provided on a custom basis for any of our modulator optical elements. Both narrow-band and broad-band coatings are available.

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