600W IR Acousto-optic Deflector, 9.4µm or 10.6µm

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Manufacturer Isomet


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The M1315-G40 600W IR acousto-optic deflector are low loss multi-spot deflectors optimized for duty cycled applications and designed to minimize thermal lensing and reduce beam degradation at high optical powers.

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  • Operating wavelength: 9.4µm or 10.6µm
  • Center frequency: 50 MHZ
  • RF Bandwidth: 20 MHz
  • Active aperture: 6 x 15mm, 7 x 15mm, 8 x 15mm, 9 x 15mm (only for 9.4µm)
  • Crystal material: Germanium
  • Resolution: 545 spot
  • Separation angle at 9.4µm: 68.4mrad @40MHz / 102.5 mrad @ 60MHz
  • Optical power input: 600 Watts, 7mm dia. Gaussian beam
  • Laser polarisation: Linear, Horizontal
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  • Main Applications: Material Processing, Via Hole Drilling , Surface texturing, Hole Perforation
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Acousto-optic type Deflector  

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Standard AR Coatings Range IR (9.4µm-10.6µm)  
Crystal Material Germanium  
Active Aperture (mm) 1mm to 14mm (rectangular shape)  
Central RF Frequency(MHz) 40-90MHz  
RF Bandwidth (MHz) 10-30MHz  
Resolution >200