MID IR Acousto-Optic Modulator/frequency shisfter for 2.05µm

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Manufacturer Isomet


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The 1210 series AO modulator is designed specifically for operation at 2.05um, and is available with either a 105MHz or 81MHz center frequency. Input light must be linearly polarized, parallel to the mounting base.

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  • Operating Wavelength range: 2.05µm
  • Crystal material: Germanium
  • Active aperture: 2mm, 4mm
  • Rise time: 240ns (Beam diameter dependent)
  • Bragg angle: 15.1mrad@Fc=81MHz - 19.6mrad@Fc=105MHz
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Crystal Material Germanium  
Active Aperture (mm) 1.5mm to 6mm  
Rise time (ns/mm) Typ. (Beam ø dependent) 120ns  
Laser Polarisation Random