Acousto-Optic Modulator for 532nm

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Manufacturer Isomet


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Acousto-optic modulator M1115-FS80L-3 serie offers a Active aperture of 3x14mm with a Fused Silica crystal, this acousto-optic modulator is optimised for visible at 532nm.When aligned at the Bragg angle that correctly corresponds to the laser wavelength and RF frequency being applied, the AO modulator diffracts a portion of the beam passing through it (zero order) into an adjacent location (first order). The first order beam is normally used for most applications. The intensity of the first order light is controlled by the amplitude of the RF signal. Either digital (on-off) or analogue (video) AO modulation of the first order spot can be produced, depending on the type of driver selected.

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  • Operating Wavelength range: 532nm
  • Crystal material: Fused Silica
  • Active aperture: 3x14mm
  • Rise time: 170ns (Beam diameter dependent)
  • Bragg angle: 3.5mrad
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Standard AR Coatings Range VIS-NIR (442 to 1100nm)  

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Crystal Material Fused Silica  
Active Aperture (mm) >6mm (rectangular shape)  
Rise time (ns/mm) Typ. (Beam ΓΈ dependent) 110ns  
Laser Polarisation Vertical