Scan Heads and Galvanometers Control Board for TSH8xxx/S-8xxx series

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Manufacturer Sunny Technology

Sunny Technology

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Sunny Technology's control board CSC-USB enables comprehensive real-time control of scanning systems and lasers. Based on full-scale field programmable logic arrays (FPGA), the CSC-USB control board independently saves and processes PC commands.

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  • CSB-USC interface
  • 16-bit positioning resolution
  • 10 μs output period
  • Software drivers (DLL) for 32/64 bit-Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Outputs for controlling a scan head and a laser
  • Various laser mode selectable (YAG, CO2, fiber)
  • Two analog outputs with 10-bit resolution, one 8-bit digital output
  • Control of 3D scanning systems
  • Processing-on-the-fly function for moving objects
  • Firmware update through USB interface
  • Compression of the rst-pulse heavy dot
  • Adjustable polygon delay fuction
  • Quasi-vector bitmap marking
  • Spot-by-spot laser power control
  • External loop signal feedback control through 1-channel 16 bit A/D input and automatic adjustment of the focal length
  • Supports four axes X, Y, Z and R, each with limit and zero swicth
  • Patented high-accuracy correction function
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