3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvanometer Scanning System

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Manufacturer Sunny Technology

Sunny Technology

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The 300-15D is a high performance 3-axis laser scanning system designed for use with almost any industrial laser type, particularly YAG, CO₂ and fibre lasers. It combines the ability to use very small beam with a large scanning field. The scan head unit incorporates, un one dust-free housing, a dynamic focus module, a group of dynamic focussing mirrors, XY scanners, deflection mirrors and a protective window. The digital input supports the industry standard XT₂-100 protocol.

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Type 3D Heads  

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Aperture (mm) 30mm  
Position Detectors Analog  
Field Size ranges 300 x300 mm 400x 400mm 500 x 500mm 600 x 600mm 750 x 750mm Main Applications for 3D scanhead
Working Distance 350mm 450mm 550mm 660mm 820mm Large-scale marking, Engraving, Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Rapid prototyping, Science and Research
Average Focusing Spot (YAG) 30µm 40µm 50µm 60µm 70µm
Average Focusing Spot (CO2) 200µm 260µm 330µm 380µm 500µm