Intensified Camera, Ultra compact Module, WiDy IntenS 1280V

Manufacturer's part number :

WiDy IntenS 1280V

Manufacturer New Imaging Technologies

New Imaging Technologies

Description :

The WiDy IntenS 1280V Model intensified module with 1280x1024px resolution is the first intensified Night Vision cameras with a very Wide Dynamic Range of more than 140dB. With a very low power consumption (< 300 mW for the analog version) and a very small form factor, WDR Intensified modules are designed for OEM applications that require small space claim and power.

The WiDy IntenS 1280V intensified camera use the same principle as conventional ICCD/ICMOS technologies : An image intensified is coupled to an image sensor via a straight optical fiber. When operating under low light conditions, each photon is multiplied by the intensifier tube and then collected by the HDR CMOS sensor.

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  • Resolution: 1280x1024px
  • Output: USB3.0
  • Frame Rate: 50/60fps
  • Dynamic Range: >140dB
  • Intensifier Tube: Gen 2+ (XR5
  • Illumination Min.: 2µLux
  • Benefits

  • Main applications: Special operation forces, Law enforcement, Covert surveillance, Border security, Wild life observation
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Type OEM visible camera module  

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Detection Range Depends on lens  
Interface USB3.0  
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels  
Technology Monochrome