Video Stabilisation Module for Sony® Block Cameras, Acadia® ILS-5000-SD™

Manufacturer's part number :

Acadia ILS-5000-SD

Manufacturer SRI International

SRI International

Description :

The compact, powerful Acadia ILS-5000-SD™ video stabilisation interface board is expressly designed for Sony FCB-EX and FBB-EX-E standard definition block cameras. This embedded video stabiliser improves video clarity by counteracting the effects of camera shake and vibration, challenges prevalent in applications where Sony camera modules are widely used law enforcement, surveillance, intelligent traffic systems, border protection, robotics, and unmanned vehicles.

Camera motion caused by moving vehicles or platforms and long-range zoom can make video images hard to interpret, trigger false alarms, reduce storage capacity, and decrease available transmission bandwidth. The ILS-5000-SD processor brings SRI's powerful video stabilisation technology to Sony block cameras. At a price less than the typical block camera, SRI's stabilisation module corrects for unwanted vertical, horizontal, and rotational motion across a wide range of shake frequencies, improving overall system performance.

The ILS-5000-SD stabiliser supports Sony's VISCA® camera control protocol, providing a seamless interface for both video and stabilisation control. The ILS-5000-SD module also matches the profile of Sony block cameras for easy integration into new and existing systems.

With the ILS-5000-SD, it has never been simpler to upgrade Sony block cameras, making the video easier to see, interpret, and act upon.

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