OEM Video Stabiliser Board, Acadia® ILS-6200™

Manufacturer's part number :

Acadia ILS-6200

Manufacturer SRI International

SRI International

Description :

The Acadia ILS-6280 is a multichannel, universal rack mount configuration that fits to a standard 19-inch rack. It conforms to established broadcast standards and has channels to support up to eight analog cameras. The ILS-6280 design is perfect for use in large control room settings, from data centers to nuclear power plants. It saves space while expanding functionality.

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  • Stabilises translation, rotation, and scale
  • Provides full-colour video processing
  • Features low latency and very low power consumption
  • Corrects for a wide range of frequencies
  • Seamlessly passes input video on loss of power
  • Benefits

  • Fewer false alarms in automated systems
  • More actionable information
  • Significantly lower operator fatigue
  • Less work required of compression encoders
  • Greater digital storage capability

  • Video footage showing SRI’s video stabilisation technology in action.

    Acadia demo – mining example
    Acadia demo –
    mining example
    Acadia demo – driving example
    Acadia demo –
    driving example
    Acadia demo – stabalising example
    Acadia demo –
    stabalising example