Thermal Camera, Long Range Radar, Cooled or Uncooled

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Jaeger Radar

Manufacturer Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel

Description :

The Jaegar PTZ thermal camera combined with long range radar provides a fully integrated surveillance system with best in class X-Band radar. The unit gives 360° coverage with radar man detection out to 5000m. Multiple options of thermal and HD or SD video cameras provide video verification of any target detected and the cameras will track the target as it moves. The system can be located on one mast ensuring there are no blind spots.

The SxV lightweight radar is a coherent wide area surveillance radar built upon proven X-Band SharpEyeTM solid state transceiver technology.

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  • X-Band radar, 360° coverage
  • Long range radar: 5000m
  • One mast solution
  • Long range thermal detection
  • Cooled or uncooled thermal
  • HD or SD video option including IP or HD-SDI
  • Optical zoom lens on thermal camera
  • IP67 Environmental Protection (IP68 option)
  • Absolute positioning feedback
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Harmonic drive zero backlash gears
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Type Outdoor PTZ thermal camera  
Long range radar  

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Thermography No  
Resolution 320 x 240 pixel  
640 x 480 pixel  
Detection Range (km) Long range (>1km)  
Technology Uncooled  
Interface IP video