OEM Multispectral Imaging Camera

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Manufacturer PIXELTEQ


Description :

PixelCam multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands at video rates. Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich real-time data without scene change or pixel shift. Custom dichroic filter arrays are integrated into the focal plane array at wafer-level to create robust linear and area sensors that extract high-contrast spectral information at specific visible and infrared wavelengths.

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  • Spectral response: 400-1000nm (VIS+NIR) or 500-1700nm (VIS+NIR+SWIR)
  • Snapshot multispectral camera
  • 30 frames/second snapshot acquisition
  • Portable size, weight & power consumption
  • VIS-NIR-SWIR ranges
  • Custom OEM design & assembly
  • 640 x 512 pixel format
  • Digital output: USB 2.0, 16 bit or CameraLink, 14 bit
  • Benefits

  • OEM Customisation
  • Application-specific spectral bands
  • Custom pixel-scale mosaic patterning
  • Sensor / camera / housing options
  • Mechanical & environmental requirements
  • Main applications: Aerial mapping, Biomedical imaging, Machine vision, Product screening, Remote sensing, Surveillance & authentication, Unmanned systems, Water quality measurement