Ultra-high Speed Camera System - FASTCAM SA-Z

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Manufacturer Photron


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FASTCAM SA-Z is the world’s fastest 1 megapixel high speed camera providing a recording rate of 20,000 frames per second (fps) at full image resolution and frame rates of over 2 million frames per second at reduced resolution. The Photron FASTCAM SA-Z offers scientists, researchers and engineers the ability to capture high resolution digital images at ultra-high speeds in order to visualise and quantify previously invisible processes and events.

Standard operational features of the FASTCAM SA-Z include a mechanical shutter to allow remote system calibration, dual channel Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast image download, internal SD memory card drives allowing image download and storage to low cost removable recording media, memory segmentation to allow recording in one memory partition while at the same time downloading a previous recording and the ability to remotely switch off cooling fans to eliminate vibration when recording at high magnifications.

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  • Frame Rate (full sensor resolution): 20,000fps at 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Shutter Time: 1ms to 1µs
  • Video Outputs: Live and playback via dual HD-SDI or RS-170 (NTSC/PAL) (zoom, pan, scroll control via optional LCD keypad)
  • Camera Control Interface: High Speed Dual Gigabit Ethernet and RS-422
  • Lens Mount F mount (G-type lens compatible) and C mount provided. Optional lens mounts available include Canon EF
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Resolution 1024 x 1024  

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Pixel Size (┬Ám) 20  
Sensor Technology CMOS  
Cooling Yes  
Frame Rate (fps) 20000  
Video Interface Gigabit Ethernet  
Supply Voltage (V) 100 to 240 AC, 20 to 36 DC