Tiny high Speed Camera for Vehicle Crash Testing

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Manufacturer Photron


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The multi head FASTCAM MH4 from Photron provides superb light sensitivity from an unbelievable small package. Four camera heads, each less than 1.5" (35mm) square can be connected to the compact DC processor to enable easy high speed imaging in the most difficult to access and hostile environments.

The FASTCAM MH4 utilizes an 8-bit monochrome/24-bit color, 10μm pixel CMOS sensor that supplies excellent sensitivity throughout the cameras 60 to 10,000 frame per second (fps) operating range with full 512 by 512 pixel resolution available from 60 to 2,000 fps. The standard built-in battery provides a full hour of 'power-loss' security, while the optional expansion battery pack enables umbilical-free complete camera operation and data retention for a full sixty minutes.

Three camera cable types (90° right, straight, 90° left) and two camera head connector configurations (rear or top mounted) and highly flexible camera cable greatly simplify mounting and positioning the tiny camera heads, especially when combined with the high-G tilting camera mount and compact NF style lenses (C-mount adaptor available).

Expandable memory; 1 Gigabyte per camera (4 GB total for 4 seconds @ 512 x 512 @ 1,000 fps) is standard, and is expandable to 2 gigabytes per camera head (8GB total = 8 seconds at 1K fps), mean the FASTCAM MH4 can easily be configured for just about any application requiring high-G, high performance imaging.

A simple to use keypad is supplied and, with the 'live video' (NTSC or PAL) output, removes the necessity of connecting a computer camera for setup or operation or for every small set up change. If a computer is to be used, the Gigabyte Ethernet connection makes this, and image download very easy and fast.

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  • Small and lightweight camera head 35mm x 35mm x 34mm, weight 90g per head (excluding lense)
  • Supports from one to four camera heads per processor
  • High-G; 100G for 10ms in any axis
  • 512 x 512 pixel resolution up to 2,000 fps
  • Reduced resolution up to 10,000 fps
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) interface
  • Optional remote keypad with integrated 5 inch LCD video monitor for simple control of all functions and rapid switching between camera heads
  • Optional Hi G battery pack for operation where external power is unavailable
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Resolution 512 x 512  

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Pixel Size (┬Ám) 10  
Sensor Technology CMOS  
Frame Rate (fps) 2000  
Video Interface Gigabit Ethernet  
Supply Voltage (V) 100 to 240 AC, 22 to 32 DC  
Size (L x W x H mm) 180 x 245 x 150