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Manufacturer Photron


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The FASTCAM SA6 has been developed to permit high definition recording and detailed high speed analysis of large spatial areas in applications such as automotive safety testing, fluid dynamics and solid mechanics. The system provides 1920x1440 pixel image resolution at all frame rates up to 1,125fps, 1920x1080 full HD resolution at frame rates up to 1,500fps and recording rates up to 75,000fps at reduced resolution.

The system utilizes a high performance CMOS image sensor to provide excellent light sensitivity allowing high speed recordings to be made with the minimum of additional lighting. The utilization of 12bit dynamic range output yields exceptional image quality and superior color fidelity. Photron's experience in the field of high quality broadcast imaging provides a stable camera operation and superior imaging performance.

The camera may be controlled via the optional remote local keypad or over a Gigabit Ethernet network, and is fully compatible with the Photron J-BOX for multiple camera installations. Integrated capping shutter to facilitate automated calibration and automated lens control options further extend the ease of system operation. The system is supplied with intuitive Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software and Photron Device Control SDK(software development kit) allowing integration with user specific software.

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  • Target applications include: Automotive safety testing - Fluid dynamics (PIV)- Solid Mechanics (DIC) - Defence and aerospace research
  • 1,125 fps at 1920x1440 pixel resolution
  • 1,500 fps at 1920x1080 pixel resolution
  • 2,000 fps at 1280x1024 pixel resolution
  • 3,000 fps at 1024x768 pixel resolution
  • 5,000 fps at 768x512 pixel resolution
  • Low noise, high quality imaging and superior colour fidelity
  • Composite and HD SDI video output for real time monitoring during set-up, recording and playback
  • Options to enhance system operation include remote keypad with integrated viewfinder, integrated calibration shutter and automated lens control options and Nikon G type lenses
  • GigaBit Ethernet interface and compatibility with Photron J-BOX for multiple camera installations
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Resolution 1920 x 1440  

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Pixel Size (┬Ám) 10  
Sensor Technology CMOS  
Cooling Yes  
Frame Rate (fps) 1125  
Video Interface SDI  
Supply Voltage (V) 100 to 240 AC, 18 to 36 DC  
Size (L x W x H mm) 250 x 153 x 165