VME IO expansion board system for up to 6 PMCs

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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The Artesyn Embedded Technologies PMCspan board allows users to customize their exact I/O requirements with Artesyn Embedded Technologies' VME-based CPU modules designed around the PowerPlus architecture.

When a PMCspan board is coupled with an Artesyn Embedded Technologies processor module, the system provides up to six PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMCs), more expansion capability than any other VME-bus processor module. Each PMCspan board supports either two singlewide or one double-wide PMC. By stacking PMCspan boards onto a processor module, a total of four additional single-wide PMCs can be added to Artesyn Embedded Technologies' compute engines - either today or as future application growth demands.

The PMCspan is a standard 6U single-slot VMEbus module that links to its host board via a PCI expansion connector. It supports both front panel and P2 I/O access for customer supplied PMCs.

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  • Single-slot 6U VMEbus format
  • PLX6150 PCI-to-PCI interface bridge
  • Support for two single-wide or one double-wide PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) per PMCspan
  • Stacking capability
  • Front-panel and/or P2 I/O
  • Compliant with PCI local bus specification (revision 2.1)
  • Injector/ejector handles per VME64 extensions
  • Compatible with Artesyn Embedded Technologies' PowerPlus VME series
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