Switch blade, fabric interface, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, AdvancedTCA®

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Manufacturer Adlink


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The aTCA-3430 is a high-performance 10G fabric switch blade for AdvancedTCA® platforms. This product is ideal for bandwidth intensive telecom applications such as wireless access controllers, DPI/security network, IPTV, IP multimedia subsystems, RNC/BSC, broadband access/bearer networks, data centres, and LTE/4G network applications. The aTCA-3430 provides 10GbE hub-to-node connectivity and integrated switch silicon that supports load balancing, priority queues, packet classification, and flow control to enable strict bandwidth management for implemented applications.

In addition to a fabric switch, the aTCA-3430 also incorporates a base switch to provide PICMG 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet backplane connectivity. The base switch provides up to 13 ports of node slot connectivity to support both 6 and 14-slot chassis in addition to 8 ports of front I/O, with 6 ports supporting 1GbE and 2 ports supporting 10GbE. Other ports are used to provide connectivity to other components on the board such as the Local Management Processor (LMP) and Intelligent Platform Management Controller (IPMC), and a redundant switch slot supports connectivity with the redundant base switch and shelf management.

A powerful quad-core LMP executes all switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions. Dual boot flash memory is provided for redundancy and a microSD card is provided for OS storage. The ADLINK aTCA-3430 is equipped with the ADLINK PacketManager software package, which combines all the essential features required for a fully functional switch infrastructure on ATCA platforms. This complete package allows customers to focus on revenue-generating software development projects and provides the flexibility to develop specific functions according to customer requirements.

Technical Data :

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  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet AdvancedTCA® Fabric
  • 320G Fabric switch capacity for 14/6 slot 10GbE chassis
  • Freescale QorIQ P2040 (quad core) @ 1.0GHz Control Plane Processor
  • 12-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ on front panel
  • Broadcom BCM56842 High-Capacity StrataXGS® Trident Ethernet Switch
  • ADLINK PacketManager with full L2/L3 functions
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Speed 10G  

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Expansion 2x PCIe mini card slots, 1 x USIM   
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option No