FlowPilot Software for ATCA-F140, 10G, single blade license

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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The ability to monitor and process data streams on the fly is appealing in many application areas. Wireline and wireless carriers have an interest to provide contractually agreed services and quality. Enterprises extend their classical firewalls with highly sophisticated intrusion prevention systems. Service providers are interested in statistics about subscriber behaviors. The complexity of these tasks and the constant increase of the packet rate due to the rapidly increasing market demand for higher bandwidth require multiple packet processing engines to process the packet stream in parallel – while still maintaining the context of a subscriber/provider communication flow. All of these applications imply the design and development of new network elements that rely heavily on scalable packet processing hardware.

Designed for the exact requirements of the communications market, AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) platforms provide a perfect fit for addressing these challenges. Inside one system, the bladed ATCA platform offers redundant combinations of high capacity hub switches and scalable packet processing blades while 40G connectivity to each processing blade supports the market’s bandwidth requirements and exactly is in line with state-of-the-art packet processing performance per blade. Flexible external network connectivity up to multiple 100G aggregated bandwidth allows optimal integration into existing networks. The glue that holds all this together is a packet distribution mechanism that funnels individual flows to appropriate processing boards in the platform, and this is where FlowPilot comes in.

FlowPilot on the ATCA-F140 ATCA hub adds in as the platform’s central packet dispatcher managing the switching hardware to achieve lowest latency, full wire speed, and flow-context aware packet distribution to and from all processing blades in the system.

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    Traffic Separation:
  • Voice and video over IP endpoints
  • Up to 2000 rules for packet separation and extraction
  • Rule engine looks at L2, L3, L4 and selected tunnel header fields
  • Rule based assignment of VLAN tags to packets

  • Packet Balancer:
  • Balances packets flow-context based into 1024 buckets
  • Sophisticated hash algorithm with symmetric calculation for source and destination criteria
  • Looks at L2 or L3/L4 in outer header, QinQ or GRE

  • Blade Assi gnment Table:
  • One target blade per table entry (1024 entries)
  • Dynamically configurable for blade failure management and load adjustments
  • Built-in blade health check with fail-over management

  • Additional Features:
  • Association of physical egress port with ingress port. Simulates the link operational status of egress port and ingress port to maintain equipment transparency.
  • Full data path redundancy with two ATCA-F140/FlowPilot on same ATCA backplane
  • Ease of configuration through CLI, API
  • Separate 40G and 10G licenses available, node locked
  • Separate control plane network as described by ATCA-F140/SRstackware datasheet
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