Dual channel compressing capture board

Unigraf Operator Station Recorder Dual channel compressing capture board

Manufacturer's part number :

Operator Station Recorder

Manufacturer Unigraf


Description :

UNIGRAF Recorder Card, URC-1 is a dual channel compressing PC frame grabber card. The unit is developed for long term storing of high resolution video images, such as sequential recording of operator data screen images, radar images or medical images. The recordings can be used for archiving, debriefing, incident study, training etc. purposes. The card captures high resolution video signals from two video sources simultaneously, which allows synchronized recording of dual displays by one card. The card includes hardware compression circuitry, which reduces PC CPU load to almost zero in recording of compressed video. The used compression algorithm is JPEG2000, which allows high quality compression of video images independent of the image content. Each recorded video frame is complete and not dependent on the previous images like in many other compression methods. This makes possible to browse and study accurately each individual frame for detailed analysis of past incidents. Capture and compression parameters, such as capture rate and compression ratio can be configured by software.

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  • Synchronized capture of two high resolution video signals by one card
  • Records operators real view and operations
  • Recording of multimedia content independent of used software mix
  • Hardware compression reduces CPU load and storage size
  • Capture of up to 2560 x 1600 resolution video signals