Charged Plate Monitor Controller

Manufacturer's part number :

Model PD04002A

Manufacturer Trek Inc

Trek Inc

Description :

Trek’s PD04002A versatile microprocessor based charged plate monitor is ideally suited to monitor the performance of air ionizers that are used in critical wide temperature operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly, and other processes where static charge accumulations pose a threat to production yields and/or product quality.

The Model PD04002A utilizes a new technique which requires less than 0.1 picoampere of ion field current to achieve full accuracy and stability. Other product designs require up to 2000 times more ion current to be drawn from the ion field to achieve stability.

The ultra sensitivity of the Model PD04002A makes it the ideal choice in air ionizer monitor applications where small area ion collecting sensors are used to meet the requirement for high accuracy ion balance measurement to levels of less than one volt. The voltage of the charged plate is initialized prior to discharge time testing. Balance tests, positive discharge tests, and negative discharge tests can be initialized from a remote location through digital command signals.

The charged plate voltage can be remotely monitored through a rear panel connection. The voltage output at the Output “HI” terminal in reference to the Output “LO” terminal (ground) is a proportional buffered representation of the charged plate voltage at a scale factor of 1 to 22 (other scale factors are available). The Model PD04002A wide temperature range charged plate monitor functions with standard, custom, or high temperature charged-plates. The monitor and high temperature charged-plate can be used on a table top or securely mounted by fasteners to the bottom of the unit.

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  • Utilizes Standard, Custom and Wide- Temperature Range Charged Plates
  • High-Temperature Charged Plate (Model PD04002AP) 25 mm x 25 mm (1 inch x 1 inch) Cable Length: 3 meters
  • Capacitance: 20 pF ±5 pF
  • Operating Range -60° to 160° C
  • Relative Humidity To 85%, noncondensing
  • Voltage Monitor Output for Remote Monitoring
  • Exceptional Accuracy and Stability
  • Compact Design
  • CE Compliant
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Monitored Voltage Range 0 to ± 55 V DC / Peak AC  

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Small Signal Bandwidth @-3dB DC to 2.5 kHz  
Large Signal Bandwidth DC to > 200 Hz  
Temperature Range (°C) 5 to 35 °C  
RH Operation Range Up to 85%