MOPA Pulsed Fibre Lasers

MOPA Pulsed Fibre Lasers

TruPulse nanofibre lasers with GTWave and PulseTune technology.

Supplier: Trumpf


Technology type: Fibre Lasers

TruPulse nanofibre lasers with GTWave and PulseTune technology are some of the most versatile industrial lasers in the Trumpf portfolio. These lasers operate within the nanosecond pulse duration range and are used in a multitude of industrial applications, offering users unmatched flexibility. As they are also maintenance-free, you can concentrate on the result instead of on time-consuming and costly maintenance plans.

PulseTune technology provides the ability to select waveforms, offering pulse durations from 3ns - 2000ns. Each pulse waveform is designed for maximum peak power and pulse energy at an optimised pulse repetition frequency of up to 300W average power.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

Beam quality options:

  • S Type - Single-mode (M2 <1.3) - generating very fine spot size <20 microns with high power stability and large depth of focus. Ideally suited to applications requiring small feature sizes
  • Z Type - General purpose - (M2 <1.6) - offering higher peak power and pulse energy with only a minor increase in spot size and good depth of focus
  • L Type - Low mode (M2 1.6 - 2.0) - general marking applications giving slightly larger spots and features that are more appropriate to making marks visible to the naked eye
  • H Type - High mode (M2 2.5 - 3.5) - offering higher pulse energies, peak powers, and even larger spots ideal for wide lines, filled font type applications, and large area coverage
  • M Type - Multimode (M2 4.0 - 6.0)- highest pulse energies and longer pulse durations ideal for welding and cleaning

PulseTune functionality:

  • Gives users greater control of pulse conditions providing increased pulse energy, peak power and pulse repetition frequency.
  • RM series (reduced mode) - models benefit from two PulseTune waveforms. Up to 0.5MHz pulse repetition frequency
  • HS series (high specification) - up to 25 PulseTune waveforms. Up to 1MHz pulse repetition frequencies
  • EP series (extended performance) - up to 48 optimised PulseTune waveforms. Up to 4MHz pulse repetition frequencies
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