We put the power in your industrial application

A complete range of power supplies, the knowledge to integrate specialist components, and the expertise to create bespoke solutions for your industrial applications.

We are the only design partner in Europe providing a complete range of power supplies, the knowledge to integrate specialist components, and the expertise to create bespoke solutions for your industrial applications.

Our portfolio covers every possible power supply scenario. From creating bespoke solutions and flexible, user-configurable modular power supplies, to internal open-frame designs and cost-effective, plug-and-play external supplies, we put the power in your industrial application.

With an AC-line filter and an AC/DC power factor correction brick, you can add multiple DC/DC converters to build a reliable, multi-output (if needed) solution for your exact demands, quickly and efficiently. We are here at every stage to fully support you through the development journey as one of the only design partners in Europe to give you full access to SynQor’s leading range of power bricks, with the technical expertise required to apply them.

The CoolX600 series can be customised with multiple card modules. Up to four card modules can be installed in one chassis, all of which can be controlled through one PMBus connection. Users can change the character of the CoolX600 from being a classic power supply to become a constant current source or charger. We are uniquely positioned to pre-configure modules in the CoolX chassis, providing you with a bespoke, plug-and-play solution.

For industrial applications with high-power requirements, one of our internal power supplies can be easily mounted within your device. SL Power offers a market-leading range of very power-dense supplies in any form factor, including PCB-based open-frame, U-frame, and enclosed. With this option, your device design can be smaller, giving your customers a compact and powerful end product that is even closer to market.

When an integrated power supply design is not an option, external adaptors are the solution. Cincon’s external power supplies provide a choice of wall-plug and desktop adaptors with universal inputs (with all international plugs), a range of output voltages, and several certifications for worldwide distribution at highly competitive price points. We can also modify standard solutions to make your product stand out in the marketplace.

Your best solution

We put your needs at the forefront to ensure every technical requirement is met, without compromising your commercial targets. Whether you are looking for a fully custom, semi-custom, modified-standard, or standard solution, we can find or create the exact power supply to meet your needs.

From prototyping to production, we support every stage of the design process, including:

  • CAD schematics
  • Design documents
  • Design testing and evaluation
  • Integration
  • Pre-compliance testing in our dedicated EMC chamber
  • Production and manufacturing

How can we help?

Power Supply Technology Centre

The ability of our engineers to continually deliver leading edge custom power supply solutions to you is propelled by the Power Supply Technology Centre.

Power supply Technology Centre


Every device needs power but with a huge variety of features and specifications available it can be difficult to determine the right product for you. With this service, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to modify or configure a standard product, integrate it into a custom design, or design and modify a rack, chassis or PCB - we can support with the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of your tailored solution.