Wireless footswitches from Herga Technology bring improved safety and convenience to the medical sector

Herga Bluetooth FootswitchesMedical footswitch and hand control specialist, Herga Technology, have added Bluetooth Low Energy technology to their range of single- and multi-pedal switches, providing the medical sector with a new, convenient and safe wireless solution.

The technology is available across Herga’s range of footswitches, which are IEC and UL 60601-1 approved, and can be fully customised to provide medical equipment OEMs with durable, ergonomic solutions that enhance their product’s features and benefits. All footswitches are IP67 rated as standard and available in a choice of colours and well-proven designs. Customer logos can also be integrated, and all custom solutions come with full life-cycle support from Herga, ensuring a thorough product development process from initial concept to launch and beyond.

Flexible benefits, greater safety

With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, users have greater flexibility when installing products, allowing them to adjust and relocate devices without needing to reroute cables. Removing wires also reduces trip-hazard risks and ensures secure communication between the switch and the parent devices over a greater range, of up to 10m. Once installed, products can connect to two separate transmitting switching devices, each with up to eight switch functions.

Long battery life

The battery powered switches are up to five times more efficient than competitor products thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, meeting the requirements of the low-voltage directive, with REACH, ROHS and WEEE approvals.

Battery life is further extended with the user-adjustable sleep function. This includes an ‘auto-wake from sleep’ function, with latency times of less than 100 milliseconds. A simple LED assisted pairing procedure allows straightforward set-up for end-users, with the LED display also providing battery status indication for complete peace of mind.

Certified, compliant, easy to integrate

Design manufacturers can easily integrate the technology into their products thanks to Herga’s separate remote receiver. The compact PCB-receiver only requires a 100mA, 0 – 5V DC supply and includes active low output switching.

Designed to the latest European and USA radio type approvals, Herga’s solution includes certification and compliance for all aspects of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC for medical electrical equipment compliance to IEC 60601-1-2.

Herga Technology Limited

Leading UK designer and manufacturer of footswitches and hand controls for medical and industrial applications

Herga have a comprehensive range of electric and pneumatic actuated foot and hand switching controls that meet a wide range of international approvals, including IEC/UL 60601. With extensive manufacturing facilities including plastics moulding and electrical assembly, the company has also pioneered switching solutions using infrared and Bluetooth technology.



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