Keep your connectors working even in the harshest environments

Bulgin IP69K

With years of experience in sourcing and supplying connectors, Acal BFi have access to a comprehensive range of products that are designed to work in tough conditions. In partnership with prominent interconnect manufacturers we offer connectors that provide protection from dust, dirt and water.

Ingress protection for challenging projects

We supply a range of products that are rated up to IP69K, giving you complete confidence in their ability to keep working no matter where they are or what application they are integrated into. Access to the latest technology, combined with our in-house expertise, means we can help you find exactly the right devices for your needs – and you don’t have to compromise.

We have the capacity to offer you real choice. Connectors come in a range of finishes, including one-product-fits-all devices that can be standardised for power, data and signal, and devices that are specifically designed for application models. For applications used under water, in the desert, underground or in other potentially hazardous environments, we can identify and supply connectors from our portfolio.

Connectors for underwater operations

We stock connector ranges that are specially designed for underwater systems. These connectors are available in both plastic and metal options and come in a range of sizes and power capabilities. Working in a temperature range of -40°C to 120°C, these are ideal for a number of extreme environments. Added features such as secure locking systems and an easy push-pull mating system give these devices added robustness without over-complication. These connectors are particularly useful in environments such as:

  • industrial and leisure marine
  • lighting
  • industrial automation
  • food processing
  • security, and
  • renewable energy.
The manufacturers we work with are constantly updating products and releasing new options, allowing us to offer you the very latest in rugged, reliable connectors.

New 600W CmE power module provides the full potential of the Excelsys CoolX600 power supply with just one power card

Excelsys have released the CmE module for its revolutionary CoolX600 NFF (No Fan Featured) Series power supply which enables users gain the maximum 600W (at 24V(nom) and 25A) from just one power card module.

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Myrra launch the 48000 series – their smallest, complete AC/DC power supply solution for low-power electronic designs and devices

Myrra have launched their smallest-ever power supply, the 48000 series; available with seven output voltages – 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24Vdc

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Introducing M from Magnetics® – the new ferrite with 50% increased permeability

Developed by one of the world’s leading suppliers of precision soft magnetic materials and components, Magnetics’ new M material pushes the boundaries of ferrite class materials with a permeability of 15,000µ, one of the highest permeabilities available for ferrite materials.

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