C-RED 2 – revolutionary, low-noise, SWIR InGaAs camera from First Light Imaging

C-RED 2 – revolutionary, low-noise, SWIR InGaAs camera from First Light Advanced Imagery InGaAs sensors (which are hybrids of InGaAs and CMOS components) are the first sensors used in SWIR imaging. They are the better choice for the 1.1 µm to 1.7 µm wavelength, and can operate at room temperature. Their quantum efficiency of more than 75% above 900 nm helps getting good results even with low signal. Adding a ThermoElectric cooling improves the sensors’ capacities and can also extend their spectral range.

Already used in many fields, InGaAs cameras with 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixel sensors offer incredible possibilities. They are usually compact, high-sensitive, high-resolution, with low power consumption, and less cost producing than other cooled SWIR cameras.

What is so special about the C-RED 2?

  • The C-RED 2 has a faster read-out speed than exiting cameras – 400 frames per second compared with 100 to 300
  • When existing cameras can offer down to 15 electrons read out noise with LN cooling, the C-Red 2 can do below 10 electrons read out noise, without LN
  • The C-RED 2 is ultra fast and low noise at the same time, leading to unexplored possibilities in astronomy, biological imagery and industrial applications

First Light Imaging

First Light Imaging design and manufacture ultra-fast and sensitive scientific cameras for both visible and infrared spectra. Coming from European academic research institutes, already multiple award-winning, they are recognised for the high performance of their products and works with world-leading institutes and manufacturers. Their goal is to provide their customers with uncompromising performance and quality.

Working with Acal BFi

Acal BFi are the exclusive distributor for the C-RED 2.

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