Acal BFi are pleased to introduce the ultra-compact STS-UV Microspectrometer

Acal BFi are pleased to introduce the ultra‐compact STS‐UV MicrospectrometerOcean Optics are a global leading supplier of modular solutions for spectrometers, chemical sensors and optical sensing applications in the field of scientific research.

The STS‐UV Microspectrometer is a new member of the spectral range family of STS devices on offer from Acal BFi.

Compact size combined with powerful performance

The STS‐UV Microspectrometer provides a full UV spectral analysis in a tiny footprint and is designed to integrate into spectroscopy instrument applications such as medical devices and process monitoring where a smaller footprint is required.

The STS‐UV combines powerful performance with a compact size of: 40 mm x 42 mm x 24 mm, and is optimised to measure ultraviolet (190‐650nm) applications with a wide spectrum range. Equipped with an advanced CMOS array detector, enables the unit to deliver high signal noise‐to‐noise ratio (>1500:1) and a wide dynamic range (4600:1), which is ideal for demanding measurements including:

  • absorbance from dilute solutions
  • point of care diagnostics
  • emission spectroscopy, and
  • laser characterisation.

The anchored 1024‐element detector in a crossed Czerny Turner optical bench elevates performance levels in comparison to larger and more expensive spectrometers, and ensures wider performance capabilities including:

  • excellent linearity
  • absorbance repeatability
  • wavelength accuracy
  • high‐thermal stability, and
  • low baseline drift.

Users can optimise optical resolution to specific applications using a selection of configurations.

Previous versions of the STS are also available for the visible (350‐800nm) and shortwave near‐IR (650‐1100nm) regions of the spectrum. All versions feature the same form factor and comparable performance specifications.

Easy device integration

The STS‐UV allows for seamless integration into compatible devices and machines running Java, Linux or Windows. Software programs such as LabVIEW and MATLAB offer users direct control options and DLL drivers for the spectrometer. All of the STS spectrometers are compatible with OceanView spectroscopy software.

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