LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera, multiple resolution

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Tau 2

Produttore FLIR


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The Tau 2 series is a long-wave infrared thermal camera offering multiple resolution and multiple lens options from 7.5 to 100mm. FLIR® Tau® 2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of features and capabilities, making them well-suited to many demanding applications. FLIR's experience and reputation to provide accurate per pixel temperature data for video analytics and telemetry, radiometry, and adjustable isotherm thresholds to colourise temperatures of interest in the grayscale.

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  • Multiple models, including 640, 336 & 324
  • Multiple lens options available: 7.5 – 100 mm
  • Proven rugged, reliable thermal imaging for UAVs, UGVs & handheld devices
  • Mechanical/Electrical commonality for all resolutions
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Spectral range LWIR  

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Resolution (pixels) 324 x 256  
336 x 256  
640 x 512  
Lens type Selectable  
Interface Analogue video  
Cooling No  
Radiometric Yes