Core telecamera per immagini rilevazione gas ottica MWIR

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IRC’s new Niatros™ MWIR optical gas imaging camera cores, manufactured exclusively for sale by Leak Surveys, Inc., are among the most advanced cooled thermal infrared sensor packages produced today. Available in a choice of fpa formats, our Niatros™ camera cores are equipped with patented technology to optically image and detect hydrocarbon gases.

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  • Detector type: Photovoltaic Indium Antimonide or nBn
  • Spectral response: MWIR
  • Resolution (pixels): 320 x 256, 640 x 512, 1280 x 1024
  • NEdt <15 mk typical or < 25 mk typical for 1280x1024
  • Analogue display video: NTSC, PAL (with S Video option), HD-SDI available
  • Digital data Camera Link (standard); Gig-E (optional)
  • Operating temperature: -40° to 65°C
  • Benefits

  • Niatros™ is equipped with advanced image processing features including Local Area Processing-Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (LAP-DnCE) and a noise reduction filter to optimize the detection and imaging of fugitive gas emissions.
  • Lens options

    MPNFocal lengthF numberSpectral range
    BirZ 2323 mmf/41.5 to 5 μm
    LirZ 20320 mm (WFOV), 60 mm (NFOV)f/1.258 to 12 μm
    LirZ 33/9933 mm (WFOV), 99 mm (NFOV)f/1.258 to 12 μm
    LirZ 77 mmf/1.468 to 12 μm
    MirZ 152215 mm (WFOV), 330 mm (NFOV)f/43.4 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 152915 mm (WFOV), 435 mm (NFOV)f/5.53.6 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 201620 mm (WFOV), 320 mm (NFOV)f/5.53.4 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 302230 mm (WFOV), 660 mm (NFOV)f/43.4 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 302930 mm (WFOV), 870 mm (NFOV)f/5.53.6 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 401640 mm (WFOV), 640 mm (NFOV)f/5.53.4 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 402240 mm (WFOV), 825 mm (NFOV)f/43.4 to 5.1 μm
    MirZ 402940 mm (WFOV), 1075 mm (NFOV)f/5.53.6 to 5.1 μm
    SirZ 180180 mmf/2.40.9 to 1.7 μm
    SirZ 2525 mmf/1.20.9 to 1.7 μm