NTC Waterproofing Temperature Sensor

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JXW-55 Series

Produttore Shibaura


Descrizione :

JXW-55 serie is NTC Waterproofing Temperature Sensor, TPE Material, For freezing cold and refrigerated device control.

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  • Resistor resistance value: R (25°C): 10kΩ±1% / B (25/85°C): 435k±1%
  • Withstand voltage test: 1,800V AC/3 seconds should be noflicker or breakdown
  • Insulation resistance test: 500V DC than 100mΩ
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 120°C
  • Customized requirements are accepted
  • Benefits

  • Uses special plastic to encapsulate, closely integrated withlead wire
  • Resist humidity
  • Core element of glass-sealed NTC thermistor
  • TPE material, black double cable
  • Surface of bead: coated with epoxy
  • Double encapsulation
  • Temperature sensor is more stable
  • Used in refrigerator and freezer
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Valore B (K) 345  

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Valore tolleranza B (%) ± 1  
B Valore Intervallo Temperatura (°C) 25 to 85  
Zero Nominale -Resistenza potenza (kΩ) 10  
Zero Nominale -Resistenza potenza (Temperatura (°C)) 25  
Zero Nominale -Resistenza potenza (%) ± 1  
Intervallo Operativo di Temperatura (°C) -40 to 120