KCM-NA Center-hole type Compression Load Cell 50kN~5MN

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Produttore Tokyo Sokki

Tokyo Sokki

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The KCM-NA Load Cell is a center-hole-type load cell with a strain gauge mounted on a cylindrical strain sensing element. It is used to measure prestress or tension force on ground anchors, pullout testing and measuring axial force on tie rods. The model is especially well suited for measuring on site.

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  • Capacity: 50kN~5MN
  • Rated Output: 1.5mV/V±10%
  • Non-Linearity: 0.5%RO-1%RO
  • Hysteresis: 0.5%RO-1%RO
  • Temperature Range: -20 ~ +70°C
  • Over Load: 150%
  • Allowable Exciting Voltage: 20V
  • Zero Balance: 5%RO
  • Benefits

  • Main Applications: Axial measurement for ground, rock or PC anchor